Microwave long haul

High capacities over long distances

Long haul microwave solutions are used where there is a need for high capacities over relative long distances in rural and remote areas. Due to the cost efficiency of microwave products it is also increasingly used in areas where optical fiber technically can be an option, but the deployment of fiber would be more expensive.


The case for long haul

Ericsson’s long haul systems utilizes the frequency range of 4 – 13 GHz. They provide the best in class spectrum efficiency and make the most out of the available frequency spectrum. The long haul systems can enable capacities up to 10 Gbps per hop, and can make very long hops, up to 200 km.

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Microwave enable 5G capacities cost-efficiently: comparing 10Gbps solutions in Germany

e-band with multi band
Multiband with long and short haul

5G transport outside urban areas

MINI-LINK 6200, being a long haul system, can sustain high capacity further than a shorthaul system. Thus you can combine the two, using multi-band booster, in a mutually beneficial effect: Jump further with short haul, get more capacity for long haul when spectrum availability is limited.

Watch this video for more information.

Key benefits

High capacities over long distances

The long haul systems can enable capacities up to 10 Gbps per hop over up to 35 km.
It can also make very long hops, up to 200 km long with a lower capacity.
Bringing 5G to the rural areas

5G in the rural areas require high capacities over long distances, exactly what long haul delivers. So long haul is perfect match for bringing 5G out beyond the city.
5G capacities cost efficiently

Fiber can be costly to implement over large distances or across difficult terrain like high mountains, or a lake. Long haul can be a fast and cost efficient alternative.

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MINI-LINK 6200 brings 5G transport outside the urban area - with market leading capacities over long distances, up to 10 Gbps over 35 km. MINI-LINK 6200 has L2 and L3 support and up to 5 x 10 G interfaces. As necessity for 5G, it has low latency and support for phase and time sync. Four different building practices are available depending on the capacity needed and the space available on site.

Multi-band booster antennas

This antenna enables a cost efficient installation of a multi-band booster system combining long haul and shorthaul radios in one single antenna. The antenna is dually polarized on both bands, allowing two integrated short haul radios to be installed and two long haul connections using flexible waveguides. It significantly reduces tower foot print and simplifies installations drastically for your multi-band booster hops.

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