Create your 5G business now

Design your 5G business strategy

Design your 5G business strategy

5G presents new opportunities for telecom operators. The introduction of the new technology can improve their current consumer business and enable them to address new value chains and revenue streams in the digitalization of industries. With the deployment of the first commercial 5G networks rapidly approaching the time is now to design the 5G business strategy.


Mobile broadband is the first use case for 5G. Addressing rapid growth in data traffic and higher consumer expectations, the introduction of 5G will bring more efficient networks with increased capacity and improved customer experience. Our economic study of enhanced mobile broadband shows that evolution to 5G will enable 10 times lower cost per gigabyte than current 4G networks.

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5G also presents an opportunity for operators to tap into revenue streams emerging from the digitalization of industries. Enabling new use cases, new services new business models and new eco-system, operators can benefit from up to USD 619 billion market opportunity globally in 2026, based on Ericsson’s report The 5G business potential, representing potential of additional up to 36 percent growth in revenues.

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Faster to 5G

Strategies to maximize all spectrum bands

Strategies for utilizing spectrum assets, and re-use of existing networks assets, are fundamental to achieve a smooth and cost effective introduction of 5G.

5G Readiness Survey

Where are operators on their journey to 5G? The results of our 2017 5G Readiness Survey show how operators have progressed from 2016 in evaluating technology, creating their strategy and building their business models.

5G deployment considerations

Ericsson’s network technology enables evolution from 4G to full 5G deployment through natural, step-wise implementation that balances investments, revenue streams and competitiveness while minimizing risk. Our paper outlines how. Read the new edition with expanded sections on core network evolution and spectrum strategies.

Building 5G Networks

5G is happening, now. With the first commercial launches underway, we are preparing and equipping mobile service providers to go live. Our network technology allows mobile service providers to smoothly evolve their networks and minimize the time to market once they choose to switch on 5G.

Design your 5G business strategy

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