5G for monetizing the industry digitalization

5G will bring new level of performance and new characteristics to the telecom networks enabling new services, new ecosystems and new revenue streams. 5G is expected to play a major role in industry digitalization. Our report The 5G business potential shows that this is an USD 619 billion revenue opportunity for telecom operators by 2026. To leverage the power of 5G technologies, operators need to rethink their role and what value to deliver, and what business models to use.


5G business models will be diverse and granular to fit diverse needs and to enable value extraction from both extreme low cost and high-performance use cases. Understanding of a new set of customers and value chains is imperative and operators need to build their strategy on what industries they want to serve and how.

Our market research shows the growing interest in 5G from industries. Respondents would be willing to pay a premium for an enhanced service using 5G if it provided faster data speeds, lower latency and increased bandwidth. The industry decision makers already have a view on what pain points 5G would resolve and what use cases would benefit most from the new technology.

Capturing this market potential requires investment in technology, as well as business development, go-to-market models, and organizational adaptation.

Operators can start addressing the interest from industries already now, testing new business models and create additional revenue streams. LTE-based IoT technologies such as CAT-M1/NB-IoT enable massive IoT use cases already in existing networks. By experimenting and rethinking what role to take, operators will be prepared to capture the full business potential of 5G.

Insights for designing your 5G IoT business strategy

The guide to capturing the 5G-IoT business potential

We turned our insights into a comprehensive guide for operators on how to start their 5G-IoT business. We outline the opportunities, the challenges and the case studies that are emerging from the digitalization of industries.

Tap into new revenue streams with 5G IoT

5G is expected to play a major role in industry digitalization. For operators it's a USD 619 billion revenue opportunity by 2026. Learn about the 5G business potential across 10 industries in the second edition of our report.

Industries waiting for 5G

How will large companies use 5G within their business? That's what we asked 900 decision makers across 10 key industries. Download the report, here.

Network slicing

Read this unique Ericsson and BT study: Network slicing is key for the IoT business case. In partnership with UK operator, BT, our Scalable Network Opportunities report analyzes the economic benefits for network slicing for IoT business.

5G for manufacturing

5G offers telecom operators an opportunity to help manufacturers build smart factories and take full advantage of technologies like automation, artificial intelligence, augmented reality and IoT.

Healthcare: Understanding the opportunities for operators

5G can enable operators to join the healthcare value chain. By driving transformation through services like online consultations and remote procedures, operators can improve efficiency and meet demands for greater convenience and freedom of choice.

Cross Industry collaborations

We work with a large number of industries and academia partners in research and development projects. The purpose is to share knowledge and gain learnings on how next generation technology can be leveraged as an innovation platform when industries go digital. 

5G consumer business: ready when you are

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