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5G deployment considerations

Building for the future in today’s networks

How can 5G be rolled out in the fastest, smoothest, and most efficient way possible, while meeting the key objectives of successful coexistence with 4G and continuous growth?

Ericsson’s end-to-end 5G Platform, across radio, core and transport networks enables operators to evolve to new 5G capabilities at a speed that matches their own business strategy, while enhancing current 4G business by reducing risk and making best use of current infrastructure.

Ericsson’s network technology enables evolution to full 5G deployment through natural, step-wise implementation – one that balances investment, new revenue streams and competitiveness.

Discover how operators can best build on today’s networks to deliver a 5G experience while minimizing risk and roll-out costs – through manageable steps, based on well-designed components of multiple technologies – in a way that matches their business and technology priorities.

In the latest edition of our paper we have expanded the sections that cover the core network evolution and the spectrum strategy.

Evolving the core network enables flexibility and new service offerings based on network slicing.

With 5G telecom operators have a new opportunity to maximize use of their spectrum. Operators will need to develop their spectrum strategies based on their own particular business focus, and the frequencies available to them, today and in the future. In our paper, we highlight key areas to consider when developing spectrum strategies.

5G deployment considerations

Read our paper on 5G deployment considerations to benefit from our holistic approach on where, when and how to move to 5G.

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Performance verification for 5G NR deployments


This Ericsson whitepaper aims to decode the complexity surrounding 5G New Radio (NR) network performance verification. By using a framework that identifies solution-specific design dependencies, Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and measurement verification methodologies can be implemented efficiently.

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Mobile transport network evolution

Transport is a game changer for 5G and we believe that a need to rethink mobile transport strategies is crucial to keep the 5G promise.

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Ericsson has the experience, skills and solutions to secure a successful 5G transformation and enable you to unlock your full 5G potential.

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