5G: new mindset meets next generation networks

Unlike previous generation shifts in mobile networks, 5G involves evolutionary ways of thinking more than revolutionary technologies. Find out what to expect from 5G, insights and foresights compiled by our technology leaders.

As the world leader in mobility and technology, Ericsson is at the forefront of global research in 5G and its potential applications. In two new papers, and the first in a series of videos, Ericsson experts discuss what 5G is, and what it will mean for everyone in the emerging Networked Society.

The first paper, 5G: What is it?  examines what 5G is in terms of a new mindset. Networks will not only have to achieve new levels of performance, they will make use of additional spectrum and enable massive machine-type communication. While providing the flexibility to build application-specific networks, 5G networks will benefit from virtualization so that operators can differentiate, adapting performance levels to suit customers and use cases, with smart communication that maximizes device sleep cycles and minimizes battery usage.

The second paper, 5G: What is it for?  looks at how 5G will make completely new applications possible and bring even greater benefits to society. For example, near-zero latency enables machinery to be remotely operated in hazardous environments as well as driverless cars. Billions of video-enabled devices will change the way we consume content, and each device needs a high-quality connection. These billions of connected devices will also place completely new demands on new sorts of networks.

In the short film above, Ericsson CTO Ulf Ewaldsson talks 5G discussing the latest developments, where 5G is taking us, and the opportunities it will open up for people, businesses and societies all around the world.

5G: What is it?

5G: What is it for?

5G presentation