Helping societies use ICT for transformation

Information and communication technology (ICT) is helping societies around the world bring better services to more people and create opportunities for positive change. But the challenges are many and complex.

That is why Ericsson has commissioned Transforming to a Networked Society, a guide for policy-makers and other stakeholders using ICT for transformative and sustainable development.

The guide, endorsed by the World Bank, provides a comprehensive and practical guide and sourcebook for policy makers and strategists, bridging the gap between ICT and development in sectors where technology can play a transformative role.

Randeep Sudan, Practice Manager for the World Bank’s Global ICT Group, says in the foreword that the guide should be useful for the ICT-for-development community, development practitioners who want to use ICT tools, and policy makers in developing countries and emerging markets.

“This guide is a timely initiative, as countries at all levels of development are increasingly aspiring to use ICT for transformative and sustainable development,” he writes. “New waves of information and communications technologies and practices such as the mobile internet, automated knowledge systems, cloud computing, big data, open data, analytics, and Internet of Things promise a further expanded toolkit for disruptive innovation and accelerated transformation.”

Report lead author Nagy Hanna pays tribute to Ericsson’s Rene Summer, Director of Government and Industry Relations, for proposing the idea for the guide, writing one of the chapters and giving advice throughout. Hanna writes of the cooperation with Ericsson: “Our common aim is to raise awareness about the opportunities and challenges that policy makers face in their pursuit of transforming their economies and societies with the power of ICT.”

Ericsson sees ICT as a major force that is creating the Networked Society, where people and businesses are all empowered to achieve their full potential.

You can download Transforming to a Networked Society here.

The issues raised in the guide are also discussed in articles in Ericsson Business Review.

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