Virtual CPE and SDN to boost personalized services

Virtual CPE and SDN technologies help broadband service providers to rapidly introduce new and innovative personalized services while keeping costs in check.

Residential broadband service providers are looking for solutions that allow them to quickly deliver innovative, new services to keep up with fast changing consumer demands spurred by the massive adoption of smart devices, Internet of Things and cloud-based services.

Managing these services in an operator’s network is already a fairly complicated undertaking – the operation is made much more difficult when we factor in the complexities introduced by managing and modifying millions of customer premises equipment (CPE) to enable these innovative new services.

The Virtual CPE solution from Ericsson is developed to address the above described problem. The virtual CPE will:

  • Help service providers save expenses on operating and managing the residential CPEs
  • Enable service providers to differentiate their service offering through fast introduction of innovative and personalized services.

Virtual CPE and Software Defined Networking