CVMóvel, in partnership with Ericsson (NASDAQ: ERIC) and Portugal Telecom (PT) Foundation, is taking information and communication technologies (ICT) to students in Cape Verde schools. Through Connect To Learn, the global education initiative founded by the Earth Institute, Ericsson and Millennium Promise, which leverages ICT for a 21st century education in developing countries, three Cape Verde schools will have access to modern learning tools and educational resources.

Under the guidance of the Cape Verde Education Ministry, three schools were selected – two in Santiago Island (Escola Secundária Cónego Jacinto and Escola Secundária Constantino Semedo) – and one in São Vicente Island (Escola Técnica-EICM). Teachers from the selected schools received training by Ericsson and PT Foundation employees. Starting today, over 3,300 students and 270 teachers will benefit from education based on Information and Communication Technologies.

Bringing technology to the service of education is a common goal to Ericsson and the Connect To Learn partners, CVMóvel and PT Foundation, and the role each one plays in the project is important to its success.

Besides leading teacher training and remote support, Ericsson provides schools with ICT equipment such as computers, projectors and interactive boards.

CV Móvel, in its contribution to develop Information Society in Cape Verde, is providing all connectivity required for the equipment.

PT Foundation is responsible for content: math classes by Khan Academy translated to Portuguese and scheduled according to Cape Verde’s education program (1st to 12th year); SAPO Scratch, a computer application allowing students to create their own animated projects, enhancing creativity while developing math and logic concepts skills; and the Communicate in Safety program, aiming for a good use of the new information and communication technologies, accessible via PC, Internet and mobile phone.

Cape Verde is the first Portuguese-speaking country (PALOP) in Africa to be selected for the implementation of Connect To Learn, resulting from a global Memorandum of Understanding established between Ericsson and Portugal Telecom, majority shareholder of CVTelecom group.

Elaine Weidman-Grunewald, Vice President, Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility, Ericsson, said: "The launch of Connect To Learn in Cape Verde is the first milestone of Ericsson’s partnership with Portugal Telecom Foundation to collaborate on Technology for Good projects. We look forward to continuing this collaboration through the use of technology and the expertise of employees in both organizations to make positive impacts in the communities where we work."