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Straight from the CMO

A report from Ericsson looks at strategies and opportunities for operators in a data-centric world.

In the eyes of the consumer, there is a change in their perceived value of telecommunications services. Look around you and count how many people are interacting with their device and its applications.

While this phenomenon translates into endless opportunities for telecom operators, it also presents major challenges.

In the resulting telecom industry shift to a data-centric business model, operators’ strategy and marketing functions are showing and leading the way.

What is their perspective on this transformation? What are the main challenges they face? What kind of strategies are working for them? What would they like to do?

In 2013, Ericsson conducted a study of 19 operators in 17 countries spanning the globe – in markets of high, medium and low data maturity. The Straight from the CMO study examined how product, marketing and strategy executives view their challenges and what strategies they are adopting.

In face-to-face interviews, executives discussed their market situation and their strategy in depth.

The conversations started with the question:

"What are the most important challenges for you in growing your business in the next three years and what strategies do you have to address these challenges?"

Based on the interviews, a list of the top seven challenges was compiled. The top 3 are:

  • To sustain growth and retain sufficient profitability.
  • To avoid commoditization and support differentiation by providing excellent customer experience.
  • To respond to the changing nature of competition.

In the full report you can read some of the highlights of these interviews along with the list of challenges.

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