Applying global scale and skill to the TV and media market

Ericsson has completed its acquisition of Red Bee Media, a leading media services company headquartered in the UK. Through the acquisition, which was first announced in July 2013, Ericsson has acquired the services of more than 1,500 highly skilled employees based in the UK, Spain, France, Germany and Australia, as well as a number of high-profile customers.

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Red Bee Media began life as the channel creation and content management arm of the BBC – the world’s oldest and biggest national broadcaster – and developed into a truly modern media services company. Magnus Mandersson, Executive Vice President and Head of Ericsson’s Business Unit Global Services, is confident that the newly acquired company will make a significant contribution to Ericsson’s growing Broadcast Services business.

“We signed our first broadcast services deal in the Nordic region in 2007,” he says. “Since then, we’ve signed deals in the Netherlands, France, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden and the UK. Now, people on all continents watch television programs prepared, managed and broadcast by Ericsson every day. With Red Bee Media’s customer base and skills in creative services and consultancy, we’re now a leading provider of broadcast and media services.”

Mandersson explains that Ericsson saw an opportunity to enter the broadcast services business as a result of the convergence of telecoms, IT and media. It was apparent that many of the processes, methods and tools that the company had developed for telecom managed services could be applied to reduce costs and increase efficiency in the TV and media market. With more than 110,000 professionals spread across 180 countries, Ericsson is well placed to make a powerful contribution.

“A large percentage of telecom network capacity is now used to distribute media content to consumer devices, including TVs,” Mandersson says. “Broadcasters must respond to increased competition from over-the-top content providers and changing viewing habits, but many of them don’t have the time, scale or infrastructure to effectively tackle technical challenges such as media asset management, multi-platform multi-screen delivery, archiving and disaster recovery.”

For many broadcasters, the best solution to these challenges is to outsource technical and operations management to expert partners.

“With our experience in managed services and technical expertise, we are able to assume responsibility for platforms and operational services related to content management, playout and service provisioning,” Mandersson says. “This gives the broadcasters time to focus on doing what they do best – broadcasting great TV.”