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Media Vision 2020: A Vision of the Television Future

Content owners, broadcasters, TV service providers and network operators that want to thrive must engage in new ways with shifting monetization models that require operational flexibility and a laser focus on the consumer.

Ericsson’s Media Vision 2020 is our view of a future point including the critical aspects that shape the intervening years. Media Vision 2020 is not just this document, a presentation or a collection of statistics but a view that represents a deep and continuous examination of where we stand now, the forces that propel us and what will be the likely outcome for our industry. This introduction aims to set the scene by outlining how we got to this juncture, the current landscape and the biggest trends that revolve around the consumer, technology and business models that impacted TV over the proceeding years to 2020. However, the wider Media Vision 2020 expands out to cover a multitude of variables as well as a dissection of six key Game Changers that every senior TV industry executive needs to have a strategy around in order to navigate a viable path to 2020 and beyond.

Media Vision 2020