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The Game Has Changed - Time to Press the GO Button

The world’s largest enterprises have not adopted cloud, 74% are concerned about cloud security and governance and 67% don’t have the cloud IT expertise. If you are a large enterprise or you wish to provide cloud services to large enterprises this paper is for you.

This is the third paper in a series, following Changing the Game and Winning the Game.

"Changing the Game," through a series of insights and impacts, attempted to place the massive business changes all industries arecurrently experiencing into a simple and understandable framework that allows a greater feeling of comfort with the future.

"Winning the Game" explained what conclusions can be drawn, and what actions can be taken, if these conclusions are to be believed.

Since these two papers were published in 2012, Ericsson has created a new Business Unit dedicated to Cloud and IP (Internet Protocol). Jason Hoffman, CTO and founder of Joyent, has joined Ericsson and is now responsible for the global design, implementation, and rollout of the Ericsson cloud. Geoff Hollingworth is now the global head of Product Marketing for Cloud at Ericsson.

This paper revisits the fundamental topics covered in the first two papers, adds depths and insights discovered in the last two years, points to the future direction of the digital economy, and explains how interested parties can take part in future economic growth together with Ericsson.

Welcome to "The Game Has Changed – Time to Press the GO Button"