Welcome to the Networked Society

The Networked Society is changing lives today, all around the world. Sixty one new films take a closer look at how. And this is only the beginning.

In 2011 Ericsson launched its vision of the Networked Society. The idea is that real-time connectivity will fundamentally change the way we all innovate, collaborate, produce, govern, and live sustainably. By providing new communications tools and access to global knowledge, the Networked Society will empower every person and every industry in the world to reach their full potential.

With mobility, broadband and cloud services now spreading rapidly around the planet, we are seeing how this vision, this transformation, is coming to life. In our "Capturing the Networked Society" project, we investigate how people are using mobility and the internet to change their lives and their communities for the better.

As part of the project we have gathered 61 stories from around the world to show how the Networked Society is driving change for individuals and communities, and enables innovation and business transformation from several different perspectives.

The films highlight developments from South Korea to Kenya, Silicon Valley to Greenland, and features companies such as Spotify, Wikipedia, Reebok and Volvo. Stories include how online learning is improving education in Bhutan; how connectivity is making the people of Rio de Janeiro safer; and how cities can grow sustainably using digital innovation.

All the stories show how communications technology and mobile services are allowing people, businesses and organizations across the world to seize opportunities. With our vast knowledge of mobility and communications, Ericsson is leading this transformation and seeking to inspire people to achieve their full potential.

The Networked Society will have a fundamental effect on every area of society. Visit the Capturing the Networked Society site to experience how lives are being transformed today.

And remember, this is only the beginning.