Ericsson’s 60A digital point-of-load DC/DC converter delivers industry-leading power density and scalability

Typically half the size of designs using discrete components. Market-leading, compact LGA package offers design flexibility for enhanced thermal performance. A high-performance, flexible power solution for all markets, especially ICT, telecom and industrial applications.

Ericsson today announced the launch of a new 60A 3E* digital point-of-load (POL) DC/DC power module, the BMR466, designed to power microprocessors, FPGAs, ASICs and other digital ICs on complex boards. An economical, efficient and scalable power solution with a small footprint, high stability, advanced loop compensation and class-leading thermal characteristics, up to eight of the fully regulated 60A (maximum) POL converters can be connected in parallel to deliver up to 480A in multi-module and multi-phase systems. The LGA-packaged BMR466 brings exceptional design flexibility to reliable, high-current, low voltage power systems.

Operating from a 4.5V to 14V input, the BMR466 is ideally suited to operation across a range of intermediate bus voltages and complies with the Dynamic Bus Voltage scheme to reduce power dissipation and save energy. The factory default output voltage is set to 1.2V, but can be adjusted from 0.6V to 1.8V either via a pin-strap resistor or PMBus commands. The BMR465 powertrain guarantees high efficiency and reliability and is built from the latest generation of power transistor semiconductors, enabling the module to deliver up to 94.9% with a 5V input and a 1.8V output, at half load.

“The BMR466 deploys a combination of best-in-class power density design, advanced power transistor technologies, automatic compensation techniques and excellent thermal performance characteristic with all the advantages of digital control to deliver out-of-the-box stable and secure performance,” said Martin Hägerdal, President, Ericsson Power Modules. “As well as significant competitive advantages, the 60A POL module also offers time-to-market benefits and only half of the size saving premium board space.”