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Introducing User Data Consolidation in a Box

Imagine what you could do with a full multi-access data management solution that can also provide you a 360 degrees view of your user’s data assets - all in just one “box”?

The number of access technologies and the variety of devices that consumers today use to access the network are increasing frequently, pushing the consumers to demand high availability, seamless user experiences, and more personalized services.

Subscriber data management solutions – and in particular User Data Consolidation (UDC) - are key components of the core networks that facilitate faster time to market for new end-user services. UDC in a Box is a new solution which is highly cost-effective and specially designed for small and medium capacity networks deployments. With UDC in a Box TCO can be reduced and time-to-market for new services improved, compared to traditional subscriber data management solutions.

UDC in a Box can optionally include embedded analytics and exposure capabilities enabling the monetization of data assets.

UDC in a Box