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Operators monetizing mobile services

Operators are growing their mobile business in a number of ways, both by capitalizing on the rapid uptake of mobile data and exploring new sources of revenues.

To better understand how operators build and take their offerings to market we have analyzed publically available information from operators around the world. The findings have been structured in four categories that reflect the time and complexity aspects of implementing a business proposition.

Each category includes two trends that illustrate different actions that operators take to grow their revenues in both the short and long term.

The Enablement and Extension categories are mainly about improving current business and building a platform for future growth. The expansion and Exploration categories are more about operators broadening their focus to open new markets and evolve their position in the ICT value chain.

This report is an Ericsson Mobility Report appendix and includes more than 40 operator cases from more than 20 countries.

Mobile Business Trends