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Ericsson releases Mobility Report Mobile World Congress edition

Findings in the Ericsson Mobility Report Mobile World Congress edition, February 2015 reveal the top five apps in a given country dominate in terms of mobile traffic generated on smart devices. In the countries illustrated in the report - the US, South Korea, and Spain - they account for around two-thirds of app traffic over mobile networks, which reflects a global trend.

Alongside this, video streaming and social networking prove by far the most popular apps in each country.

Despite clear general trends, each nation displays its own unique preferences – for example in December 2014, the US top three includedNetflix and YouTube, while South Korea was notable for peer-to-peer TV app AfreecaTV and home-grown search portal NAVER. Facebook was the number one app in each country studied.

Other findings include the continued growth in mobile subscriptions and traffic over the coming years. It also looks at the surging demand for mobile broadband, the growth in popularity of streaming video and the transition towards LTE in all regions.

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