Redg Snodgrass, CEO of Wearable World, says that wearables and the connectivity around them are going to change everything, and this wearable revolution is coming soon.


Snodgrass describes the wearable world as a "conglomeration of ecosystem pieces with a specific strategy" to smooth out and accelerate the innovation process in wearables and the Internet of Things (IoT).

"Wearables will disrupt how we parent, the way we learn and educate ourselves," he says. "It is going to fundamentally change how we shop. How we go to work every day. Everything will change about what we do in the next three to five years. And if we’re not ready for it, most of the incumbents are gone.

"We’ll all be in a new world, and I’d rather that we have less disruption and more collaborative change."

Watch the video to hear more about Snodgrass’ insights into how wearables will dramatically change our lives in the not-so-distant future.