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Ericsson Celebrates International Women’s Day 2015

To mark International Women’s Day 2015, Ericsson offices around the world are celebrating the strength that women bring to the diversity of our workforce with a number of activities during the first two weeks of March. Find out more here.

International Women’s Day has been observed in various parts of the world since the early 1900s. Although great strides have been made in gender equality since then, there are still significant inequalities all over the world, in terms of pay, education, health, and representation in politics or certain businesses.

The ICT industry, for example, is particularly male dominated. Recognizing this, Ericsson has set a target of having women make up 30 percent of the staff by 2020, reflected across the organization including at leadership levels.

Ericsson is one of many global corporations that actively support the day by running internal events and supporting external ones. Maria Angelica Perez, Head of Diversity and Inclusion at Group Function Human Resources, says: “At Ericsson, we have a wide definition of diversity. It is definitely not limited to gender, but celebrating International Women’s Day is important in order to inspire change and confirm that Ericsson supports the advancement of women everywhere.

“Research shows that teams with gender balance tend to be more creative, more productive and more willing to share knowledge, so it is important and natural for us as a group to promote it.”

This year, a number of activities will take place cross our organization, including virtual seminars for our employees on topics like gender bias, tips for a healthy lifestyle, cultural differences for women in the workplace, networking and personal branding and developing leadership skills.

“The activities that are part of our global celebration of International Women’s Day reflect a lot of the work we are already carrying out,” Perez says. “By celebrating International Women’s Day, we hope to further this work while paying tribute to the many amazing women within our organization.”