Ericsson introduces a hyperscale cloud solution

All businesses are becoming software companies and all are becoming "information enabled". In the near future companies will be dependent on 10x the IT capacity yet they will not have 10x the budget to deliver it. This means the approach must change. Leveraging cloud to deliver software at a faster pace exposes the company to higher levels of risk. This means they have to burden IT with policies that slow down development efforts.
Mar 05, 2015

As the massive growth of information technology services places increasing demand on the datacenter it is important to re-architect the underlying infrastructure, allowing companies and end-users to benefit from an increasingly services-oriented world. Datacenters need to deliver on a new era of rapid service delivery. Across network, storage and compute there is a need for a new approach to deliver the scale and efficiency required to compete in a future where "hyperscale" is a pre-requisite.

The Ericsson HDS 8000 delivers a complete datacenter and cloud platform based on Intel® Rack Scale Architecture.

Ericsson introduces a Hyperscale Cloud Solution