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The pursuit of privacy

Pat Walshe, Director of Privacy at the GSMA, says privacy is more important than ever. How can mobile operators and network providers give users the privacy control they absolutely demand?

In this interview, Walshe describes the need for ensuring user-centered privacy in an increasingly connected world. People are concerned about where and how much of their personal data is being captured when using online services.

"One of the biggest challenges of this world is the erosion of trust, and part of that trust is being eroded because people don’t feel they have sufficient control over their data and their privacy," he says, adding that research studies of users in many countries show that people care about their privacy.

However, he also notes that people truly value the online services they get. What users want is choice, Walshe says, and there are companies, entities and private entrepreneurs figuring out how to do that – foster trust so that users not only feel empowered by technology but also secure in the thought that their privacy is protected.