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Ericsson Evolved IP Network solution completes second set of rigorous EANTC

Recent testing completes EANTC’s inspection of the entire scope of Ericsson’s IP transport solution with emphasis on SSR 8000 Smart Services Router’s multi-application’ capabilities including BNG and IPsec.

Ericsson has again submitted its Evolved IP Network (EIN) solution to rigorous independent testing with the industry-renowned European Advanced Networking Test Center (EANTC). EIN meets network operators’ needs for comprehensive IP transport and the infrastructure demands of the Networked Society. It features Ericsson IP routers and microwave transport products, extensive network management and the Ericsson IP Operating System. EANTC’s latest testing follows last year’s tests which coincided with the solution’s initial availability.

The primary objectives this time were to test the solution’s fixed and mobile converged networking capabilities, VPN scaling, and important new products and features. It was also essential to verify that the solution design remained consistent with the previous tests, to provide network operators with assurances of continuity and support.

The tests demonstrated the SSR 8000 Smart Services Router’s ability to support multiple applications concurrently, namely Broadband Network Gateway (BNG), IP/MPLS and IPsec. LTE-Advanced synchronization and IP security were also scrutinized with a test configuration that included RBS 6501 (micro radio base station) and SSR 8004 (IP router) nodes. Broadband network scaling was pushed to find the limits of the numbers of VPNs supported and service activation rates. Tests also demonstrated a microwave link capacity improvement of up to 25 percent between Ericsson MINI-LINK nodes using multi-layer header compression.

Carsten Rossenhövel, Managing Director EANTC commented: “We were delighted to be asked to conduct further testing of Ericsson’s EIN solution and evaluate its full potential to support operators’ complex and demanding needs. The tests were conducted in our own facilities in Berlin with a comprehensive set of Ericsson products and very experienced test professionals. We were impressed by Ericsson’s continued development of the EIN solution, and the value the company places on independent validation. With Ericsson’s SSR routers gaining market traction with network operators it’s important that we put powerful features such as multi-application capability to the test.”

Martin Ottosson, Head of IP Network Solutions, Product Area IP Routing, at Ericsson Business Unit Cloud & IP added: “After the initial commercial success of the solution and component products such as the Smart Services Router we were keen to widen the scope of EANTC’s testing. As a company, we’ve worked with EANTC for more than a decade testing IP/MPLS products and solutions. We’re pleased to continue this partnership because our customers value the results of these activities highly.”

Ericsson has also participated in a separate ‘MPLS and SDN Public Multivendor Interoperability Showcase 2015’ event, also conducted by EANTC. During this event Ericsson demonstrated IP/MPLS interoperability with a range of industry vendors and highlighted Transport SDN capabilities using Segment Routing and Path Computation Element Communication Protocol. The tests also permitted Ericsson to showcase its solutions in a range of different phase synchronization scenarios.

EANTC’s official report for the Evolved IP Network Solution Update 2015 testing can be found here. The report covering the initial EIN solution testing can be found here. The results of the Public MPLS and SDN Multivendor Showcase can be found here.