Three Ericsson employees have been recognized for their outstanding contributions by being named Inventors of the Year 2014.


This year’s winners of the award, which recognizes employees’ contributions to Ericsson’s IPR business, are Daniel Larsson, Gunnar Mildh and Panagiotis Saltsidis.

Ericsson is the number one patent holder in mobile telecom, and the innovations of its employees keep it at the forefront of technology leadership in the ICT industry.

The Inventor of the Year award recognizes the talent and hard work of those whose innovations continuously enhance and improve the company’s portfolio, ultimately enabling it to provide better products, services and solutions to customers all over the globe.

Between them, the three winners for 2014 hold more than 250 patent applications, and that number is rising all the time.

Panagiotis Saltsidis, a Senior Specialist in Packet Virtualization, gains the award for his inventions relating to Packet Networks and Ethernet Services. While Panagiotis has a heavy workload, he always prioritizes IPR, including drafting claim charts and filing applications, work which underpins product development.

Many of his 47 patent applications are related to link aggregation, node resilience and virtualization, technologies that are used in many Ericsson products and that are likely to be key enablers for the emerging markets of Cloud and SDN.

“The effort that has been devoted to my achievements was certainly not small, and it really is great to receive such an important award as corporate recognition,” he says.

The inventions of Gunnar Mildh around Radio Network Architecture and Radio Network Protocols will also be recognized.

Gunnar is an expert in Wireless Access Networks and previously made a significant contribution to the 4G/LTE concept and standardization.

He has 114 patent applications to his name and is proud that his work has helped develop products that are an integral part of modern society.

“It is a nice feeling that so many people all over the world use our inventions every day,” he says.

His current work focuses on researching and studying key technical features of 5G, including LTE evolution, which will provide vital insights as we move towards the Networked Society.

The third recipient of the award is Daniel Larsson, who is the Technical Coordinator for the Standardization Team in 3GPP RAN WG1, and is responsible for 116 patent applications.

A master researcher, Daniel will be recognized for his work in helping to establish Ericsson´s position as a leader in Radio Access Systems.

Daniel´s inventions relate mainly to lean carriers, small cells, dual connectivity and LTE carrier aggregation, which was introduced in Release-10 (Rel-10) and is the subject of continued research.

Carrier aggregation has been one of the features in highest demand by operators in the past few years and has been critical to their ability to monetize on spectrum investments.

“Carrier aggregation has been enhanced in both Rel-11 and Rel-12 in different forms. I have been one of the main people handling this from the start,” he says.