New research from STL Partners examines the telecom industry’s vision of the ‘Agile Operator’, highlighting key areas where operators must improve their agility.
5 Key Ways to Meet the Agility Challenge

The operator environment has become increasingly ferocious in the face of competition from a host of other players, including telco, internet and over the top (OTT) providers. Successful players know they need to move at super-fast speeds and adapt quickly in order to seize new opportunities and improve their businesses management.

This new Executive Brief from STL Partners, based on 29 interviews with telco senior executives and commissioned and supported by Ericsson, explores what agility means to operators, identifies the challenges that can impede agility, and discusses how to measure agility in key areas.

The ‘Agile Operator’: 5 Key Ways to Meet the Agility Challenge (An STL Partners Executive Briefing)