Ovum analyst Clare McCarthy shares her insights into how the customer experience paradigm and big data analytics are vital to the success of telecom operators.

“The customer experience paradigm is driving change in the way telecommunication operators serve their customers and perceive themselves as an organization,” says McCarthy, the Practice Leader for Telecom Operations and IT at Ovum, a leading IT, telecoms and media research and consulting firm.

Until recently, telecom operators were putting a lot of their focus on network quality and less on the processes that sit behind the delivery to the customer. And while network quality must still be delivered at the high standard the consumer demands, there has been a shift to integrate experiential components into a complete package.

“We’ve spoken directly with 400 CIOs within telcos, and they’ve said that what they’re investing in is the traffic and service monitoring of integrating the operations and business support systems capabilities with customer relationship management, to ensure that they’ve got a complete picture of the service as it is delivered to customers,” McCarthy says.