The Internet of Things is a phenomenon that is sparking insights, helping companies create new services and business areas. For society, we see personal as well as social benefits – from smart bands to track athletic endeavours, to connected cars. And there is a lot more to discover.


The Internet of Things (IoT) enables radical innovations and totally new services that either change businesses or transform entire industries.

Devices that did not exist a few years ago are now used on a daily basis because they make our life easier and more fun. From a smart band to track our athletic endeavours, to connected cars that are part of an intelligent transport solution.

When all these smart products are connected, it makes it much easier for us to get more relevant information and make decisions, whether it applies to our daily life or to business.

And there is a lot more to discover.

"Ericsson’s strength lies in our experience in bringing together IT, business and networks," says Tonny Uhlin, Strategic and Tactical Marketing Manager. "But the most important thing today is to show the customers that there is a business opportunity that they may not have seen before, and it is a different business opportunity."

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