How Ericsson helps ITV deal with complex operations

Helen Stevens, Director of Broadcasting at the UK’s biggest commercial broadcaster, ITV, talks about how Ericsson is helping them tackle one of the most complex broadcast operations in the world.

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“ITV is one of the most complex operations in the whole world and we have a unique mixture of commercials that go right down to sub-regional level,” Stevens says. “We have 52 channels playing out on our linear streams, and that is even before we get to the non-linear platforms. All together it’s become more like a Rubik’s cube than a two-dimensional scheduling effort.”

Ericsson provides ITV’s main linear playout service. Apart from that they also provide ITV’s billings, listings and EPG services.

“When we decided to work with Ericsson, we felt that as a global player themselves they would be well positioned to understand our strategy,” Steven says. “Their pedigree as a service provider also gave us great confidence that they would be able to provide the levels of reliability that we were looking for.”

She also noted that mobile viewing is becoming increasingly important for ITV, and that Ericsson is “hugely well placed” to help them get their content prepared and accessible on all these platforms in terms of innovation, research and development.