Ericsson among Verizon’s 5G roadmap partners

Ericsson is part of a Verizon-led effort to push 5G technology in the US by creating innovation ecosystems in two of the technology company’s innovation centers. Field trials are set for 2016.

5G technology is expected to be introduced in the US sometime after 2020, but in a press release published today, Verizon announced it is accelerating the expected rate of innovation. By working closely with key partners, Verizon, which is the largest US wireless communications provider, aims to launch field technology trials next year.

5G network environments or “sandboxes” are being created in Verizon’s US Innovation Centers in Waltham, Massachusetts and San Francisco. Just like in the early days of 4G LTE technology, collaborating in a shared environment will foster the speedy development of compelling applications.

Roger Gurnani, Executive Vice President and Chief Information and Technology Architect for Verizon, says: “5G is no longer a dream of the distant future. We feel a tremendous sense of urgency to push forward on 5G and mobilize the ecosystem by collaborating with industry leaders and developers to usher in a new generation of innovation.”

Also in the press release, Rima Qureshi, Chief Strategy Officer for Ericsson, explains that the Verizon-led effort keeps the US communications industry vibrant and globally competitive. “A lot of development and requirements for 5G networks have so far come from Asian operators,” she says. “It’s exciting to see a US company accelerate the rate of innovation and introduce new partners.”

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