Mallik Rao, Technology Director, Vodafone Netherlands talks about Ericsson Radio Dot deployment to provide seamless end-user experience to its enterprise customers.

Ericsson and Vodafone Netherlands are working together to ensure high-performance 4G LTE coverage. Providing high-performance mobile broadband coverage indoors is increasingly important as people use their smartphones and tablets for an ever-growing range of activities. In addition to the Ericsson Radio Dot System, Vodafone NL also implements the indoor picocell base stations (RBS6402 picocell) in several smaller buildings. The RBS 6402 picocell complements the Ericsson Radio Dot System. The RBS 6402 addresses buildings up to 5000 square meter in size; for larger buildings and venues the Radio Dot solution is preferred. Together it creates a seamless mobile broadband experience for all Vodafone customers.