Ericsson took the opportunity at the UITP World Congress and Exhibition in Milan last June to showcase its Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) concepts and offerings such as the Connected Bus Stop, the Connected Traffic Cloud and Mobility as a Service.

Commuters nowadays not only expect to be connected throughout their travel, but also to get real-time data and services. “Connectivity during the whole journey – from origin to destination – is crucial to attracting customers to public transport,” says Stefan Thulin, Principal Consultant, Public Transport Engagements. He adds that this includes the time spent waiting at the bus station or at the metro. The Connected Bus Stop, he says, helps improve the passenger experience.

Ericsson also demonstrated the Connected Traffic Cloud solution that enables transport authorities to collect data and information from vehicles in traffic; aggregate that data and share it. “This is mainly about saving lives,” Thulin says. “When you collect information about road hazards such as slippery roads, you share that with several vehicles, which could mean safer traffic systems.”

Mobility as a Service was also a talking point at the UITP as it aims to combine different modes of transportation, offering passengers a wider range of choices on how to travel.

Watch this video to learn more about how Information and communications technology (ICT) helps shape the transportation systems of the future – dramatically improving both the efficiency and sustainability of our transport environment.