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Three new start-ups to be coached and mentored by Telia Company and Ericsson

In September, Telia Company and Ericsson opened applications for Scale Your Business 2017, a joint coaching and mentoring program for start-ups. Three companies have now been selected to take part in the program.

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The Scale Your Business Program 2017 (SYB2017) was presented at this year’s Stockholm Tech Fest with the intention to find three up and coming companies to receive coaching and mentoring from Telia Company and Ericsson experts. The aim is to help the start-ups to take the next step in scaling their business and realizing their full potential.

The start-up community was invited to apply by November 1, 2016, and from a host of outstanding applications three companies made the final cut: Stagecast, Airmee and BrandNewBrand.

Ivo Kukavica, Innovation Catalyst, Telia Company, says: “We’re thrilled about the response and interest. The application evaluation was challenging but also rewarding to see all the great ideas and businesses out there. I can’t thank all the applicants enough.”

Stagecast is a live interaction platform for concerts that turns every phone in the audience into an interactive element of the light and sound show, thereby making concerts more engaging and more profitable.

Airmee is a smart platform that optimizes logistics and the delivery experience in urban areas.

BrandNewBrand is a team of united developers of consumer-optimized home security systems: powered by applied Internet of Things (IoT), User Experience (UX) and design.

“These are three very different start-ups and we’re really excited to start working with them,” Kukavica says.

“We are engaging with start-ups in this way for three main reasons: the first is the evolving ecosystem - we need to work even closer with talented start-ups to find the next big thing. Secondly, we want to give something back to the start-up community and share some of our expertise and help to scale new business ideas. And last but not least, it’s a way for us to get inspiration, energy and new ideas into our organization.”

The program runs between six and 12 months and will be tailored to each start-up’s specific need. Session and topics will include innovation, leadership, investments and partnerships, technical, product management, sales and marketing.

Thomas Johansen, Head of Customer Marketing, Region Northern Europe & Central Asia, Ericsson, says: “We think it's relevant to work with both big and small companies to drive innovation and new technologies. We can learn from the start-up community and they can learn from our insights and experience from developing new cutting edge technology.”