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CIOs talk job transformation in ‘What the Job Is Today’

Interviews with 47 IT executives reveal how the CIO role is changing in today’s ICT industry.

Perhaps no one in a service provider’s organization is grappling with as much change as the CIO. During the second half of 2015, we commissioned market intelligence firm IDC carried out 47 interviews in Europe, North America, the Middle East and Asia Pacific to determine the mindset and concerns of today’s CIO. Designed to be heavily qualitative, the research emphasized open discussion with CIOs and other senior officers at communications service providers. Ericsson has incorporated the findings in a 5-part downloadable series called “The Transformative CIO: The Power and Challenges of Change.” For anyone in the industry, it makes for interesting reading, and a chance to see how your opinions stack up against IT executives around the world.

In part 2, “What the Job Is Today”, we look at the continuing evolution of IT executive positions within the organization. Using their own words, we explore pain points like coping with the explosion in online video and other data, and with legacy systems and practices. This report also discusses the changing nature of IT’s relationship with the business side, and how CIOs are acting to make their companies more customer-centric.

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Part 1: The Transformative CIO