The car has become one of society’s biggest sustainability challenges. Partnering with Solar Team Eindhoven has given Ericsson the opportunity to test our latest solutions aiming for sustainable transportation.

Ericsson has supported Solar Team Eindhoven to win the World Solar Challenge 2015 with an in-built application based on the Ericsson Connected Traffic Cloud. The application, called Solar Navigator, brings economic driving to the next level. By collecting current weather data and traffic data, Solar Navigator gives suggestions for the optimal route, which will facilitate better decisions regarding the speed of the car during the race and the charging level of the batteries.

The World Solar Challenge is the ultimate race for solar-powered vehicles and encourages teams to push the limits of technology. On the last edition, 46 teams from 25 countries took the epic 3,000-kilometre journey across the Australian outback. Solar Team Eindhoven - a multidisciplinary team of 21 students from Eindhoven University of Technology in the Netherlands - competed with Stella Lux, an energy-positive four-seat family car.

The race in Australia has been a litmus test to prove some of the latest solutions; the Connected Traffic Cloud based Solar Navigator, as the cars compete to see how much energy is used and how the data sent and received affects the driving.