Ericsson behind the first comprehensive book about 5G: “5G Mobile and Wireless Communications”

Led by Ericsson, leading 5G experts in the ICT industry and academia have produced the first comprehensive book about 5G.
5G mobile and wireless communications

The book is an important tool for ICT decision makers to get a comprehensive picture of 5G. Included are findings from EU collaboration projects such as METIS as well as conclusions and additional material from the main contributors on 5G standards.


Ulf Ewaldsson, CTO, Ericsson

“5G is the biggest ever opportunity for our industry. With capabilities much greater than today’s networks, opportunities beyond our imagination will appear. With 5G, we will be able to digitalize industries and realize the full potential of the Networked Society. New ecosystems will emerge, including new players. To fulfill the expectations of 5G, the industry needs to work in close collaboration with a joint understanding of the technology and its potential. This book will prove essential for understanding the potential of 5G and the required technology behind it.”

Professor Misha Dohler, King’s College London & Takehiro Nakamura, NTT DOCOMO

“Will 5G be something we have not witnessed to date? You will find out in this fascinating book written by some of the most prominent experts in mobile system design - people who always live 10 years into the future. We hope you enjoy the read as much as we did.”

Professor Gerhard Fetweiss, Technische Universität Dresden

“So far, cellular innovation has focused on driving data rates. With 5G, we also see the advent of low-latency Tactile Internet and the massive Internet of Things generating new opportunities for society. The first comprehensive view of 5G, based mainly on the EU METIS project, this book gives great insights into challenges and solutions.”

Professor Narcís Cardona, Politècnica de València

“The first comprehensive text on 5G, essential for understanding the enabling technologies that will make the future hyper-connected world a reality.”

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