Ericsson honored by Colombian Congress for 120 years in country

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The Congress of Colombia has honored Ericsson with an award for its 120 years of service in the country.
Ericsson honored by Colombian Congress for 120 years in country

On Tuesday, May 24, the Sixth Commission of Colombia’s Congress, which is connected to the Telecommunications industry, delivered the “Order of the Congress of Colombia in the degree of Commander,” on behalf of the Colombian citizens for Ericsson’s role in service of Colombia’s development.

Ericsson’s first business in Colombia was on April 15, 1896, with the sale of 50 phones to Empresa de Teléfonos de Bogotá, which connected 500 subscribers in the line Bogotá-Chapinero. Today, systems in Colombia support 57 million mobile subscriptions.

Throughout its history, Ericsson in Colombia has had factories, manufacturing, and brought innovative solutions to the market. In 1977 Ericsson opened a factory for local assembly and in 1980, manufacturing began of the AXE, the switch that made telecommunications digital. In 2016, Ericsson launched the first virtualized network for Telefonica, offering Voice over an LTE network. Additionally, today, 70% of calls and sessions are measured by a charging system supplied by Ericsson.

When accepting the award at the Congress on Tuesday, Sergio Quiroga da Cunha, head of Region Latin America and Caribbean, said: “Our colleagues, partners, customers, and friends all know us as people who strive to make lives better with our technology and services. This is why an award, on behalf of the people, inspires us to continue innovating.

“It takes a lot of creativity and perseverance to be a leading company for 140 years globally and 120 years in Colombia. It will take even more creativity and innovation to stay there for the many coming generations. Naturally, we hope to do just that.”