At Ericsson we’re used to rolling out industry-leading innovation – and this time we’re taking it literally.
Wi-Fi on Wheels

This might look like an ordinary Ford Transit 350 cargo van. Go under the hood, however, and you’ll see it’s actually the world’s first mobile Wi-Fi unit – ready to bring high-quality mobile broadband coverage to as many as 2,500 people.

Working with US cable operator Comcast, we’ve equipped the van with six Wi-Fi access points offering a coverage radius of up to 500 feet. That’s in addition to multiple network access connections, non-line-of-sight (NLOS) microwave backhaul, and onboard backup power and modular deployment elements.

It’s a great way to boost connectivity for people attending community activities or sporting events. There’s also the possibility of using the concept to support emergency response initiatives.

"Driving innovation means not only bringing the best technology, but also enabling it to be used in new ways,” explains Angel Ruiz, Head of Region North America, Ericsson.

“This new rapid deployment solution will mean fast dispatch and hassle-free setup for Comcast, so they can bring coverage to new hard-to-reach locations."

Mobile broadband traffic is certainly increasing – in every sense of the word.