Ericsson and Cisco – driving business transformation

Ready to transform? Ericsson’s Eva Sparr and Cisco’s Doug Webster explain how our next-generation strategic partnership creates value for customers in 180 countries.

Ericsson and Cisco – driving business transformation

Eva Sparr, Vice President, Strategic & Tactical Marketing at Ericsson, says customers are excited about the partnership, which brings IP transformation, network management and 5G solutions to service providers – all backed by Ericsson and Cisco’s global services teams.

At the same time, we’re extending our value to digitalizing enterprises. Doug Webster, Vice President of Cisco Service Provider Marketing, explains how the combination of Ericsson’s leading mobility portfolio with Cisco’s strength in the enterprise will create seamless experiences for customers on every network.

“Between us we have around 48,000 R&D engineers and USD 11 billion in R&D investment every year – that’s an incredible amount of innovation. We’re bringing our full capabilities together to help customers execute on their business goals faster,” he says.

And there’s more – Ericsson and Cisco are enabling Internet of Things applications for smart cities, smart grids and connected transportation.

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