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Ericsson Garage hosts world’s most innovative incubators

Decision-makers involved in innovation and aspiring start-ups from all over the world have gathered in Stockholm for the Future Talent Summit. During their stay, they will visit Ericsson Garage in Kista to learn about the company that has been innovating for 140 years.

The Future Talent Summit 2016 is taking place in Stockholm on June 27-28. The aim of the event is to build networks and create a dialogue among an international crowd of visitors that includes incubator directors, corporate venture managers, global HR directors, deans, presidents, and directors of career services at universities, and government agency officials.

Through visiting the best creative spaces, incubators, and accelerators that Stockholm has to offer, the attendees are also getting an overview of Stockholm’s tech scene.

Ali Amin, CEO and cofounder of UBI Global and organizer of the Talent Summit, says: “The best way to be part of the booming tech scene is by meeting those who are behind it, and we’ve chosen to visit SUP46, THINGS, and the 140-year-old start-up company Ericsson.”

SUP46 (Start-Up People of Sweden) is home to more than 50 start-ups, and it only accepts the most exciting and innovative companies, mainly within the internet, mobile, media, and gaming sectors. It provides a meeting and co-working space, offering start-ups the support to quickly scale and grow their business. THINGS is a co-working space at KTH Campus within KTH Royal Institute of Technology, where selected start-ups are working within areas like the Internet of Things, wearable technology, medical technology, 3D scanning/printing, and smart grid technologies.

Sandor Albrecht, Director at Ericsson Research, says that, in addition to visiting SUP46 and THINGS, the organizers of the Future Talent Summit wanted to see a corporate incubator, “and they chose Ericsson Garage. By taking them to Ericsson Studio, we ensure they get the whole Ericsson story and a feel for the role innovation has played from our very start.


“This resonates very nicely with our slogan of 140 years of innovating ahead.”

The key focus for the summit itself is the discussions initiated by the World Economic Forum on the ‘fourth industrial revolution’ and its impact on the future of work and what it entails for recruitment, education, and innovation. How can universities and employers collaborate better in preparing future talent?

Connecting big and small

Ericsson Garage can play a part in achieving that. As a technology and knowledge incubator, it provides a platform, says Albrecht, where Ericsson can co-innovate with universities, industries, and start-ups.

“By coming here, aspiring start-ups can tap into the future and see a working model of how to co-create with a big corporation,” he says. “They can learn about Ericsson Garage – a structure for cooperation with not just big companies, government agencies, and operators, but with small, innovative companies, as well.

“This line of thinking follows and complements what we have done earlier with our 5G for Sweden and 5G for Europe initiatives. Ericsson’s call to action for this visit is to make 5G a business innovation platform to foster digital transformation.”

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