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Ericsson, Lund University enter new strategic partnership

Ericsson and Lund University in Sweden have joined as strategic partners to pursue shared research interests, enrich education, and drive development and technology innovation.

Ericsson has entered a new strategic partnership with Lund University in Sweden to pursue shared research interests, enrich education, and drive development and technology innovation.

The partnership will bring together technology experts from Ericsson with leading researchers and students from Lund University, and will form a platform for long-term strategic engagement. Under this partnership, Ericsson will also provide guest lecturers and support the University’s program development, helping to build world-leading competence in engineering education and research.

With this relationship in place, Ericsson now has strategic partnerships with the four leading universities in Sweden: KTH Royal Institute of Technology (in Stockholm), Linköping University, Chalmers University of Technology (in Gothenburg), and Lund University, as well as the research institute SICS Swedish ICT (headquartered in Kista).

The links between the company and these universities run deep – for several decades, Ericsson has operated research and development facilities close to each. And both within Sweden and globally, Ericsson enjoys a long history of productive collaborations with academic and research institutions.

The relationships between Ericsson and academia bring mutual benefit. For the universities and institutes, the direct interactions with industry and society ensure the relevance of both research and teaching, which strengthens the outcome of projects and drives innovation. The exchange of both ideas and personnel also grounds the research in real-world solutions and applications, and helps universities attract top students to their research programs.

From Ericsson’s perspective, the partnership with Lund University expands the company’s access to the research frontier, including pioneering work in areas within and adjacent to Ericsson’s business. It gives Ericsson an opportunity to share cutting- edge developments and generate ideas for new lines of research. And because Ericsson’s ongoing success is tied to the talents of its workforce, university partnerships provide an invaluable path for identifying, encouraging, and recruiting some of the most talented people entering the industry.

Anders Caspár, Director of External Research Relations, Ericsson Research, says: “Lund University has a well-earned reputation as a center of research excellence on the world stage, and this partnership reflects both the regard we have for it as an institution worth investing in, and as an incubator of the sort of talent that will be vital to Ericsson’s medium- and long-term future.”

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