Telia Carrier and Ericsson sign global IoT backbone agreement

IoT is happening now – Ericsson Device Connection Platform has more than 1,500 enterprises connected and is growing rapidly. IoT operators can now connect directly to Ericsson Device Connection Platform – using Telia International Carrier IoT backbone.

Telia Carrier and Ericsson sign global IoT backbone agreement

Ericsson has signed an agreement with Telia Carrier to provide backhaul and interconnect solutions to Ericsson’s Device Connection Platform via a dedicated Internet of Things (IoT) backbone.

Device Connection Service is enabled to have a quicker deployment, by connecting Ericsson IoT customers directly to our Device Connection Platform nodes in Stockholm and Amsterdam through secure, scalable and e2e supported connectivity across Telia Carrier services.

By reusing the already existing connection Device Connection Platform has with Telia Carrier in Stockholm and Amsterdam, Device Connection Platform customers can now have access to the 220 Point of Presence (PoP) Telia Carrier has worldwide. By connecting to one of these PoPs Device Connection Platform customers could dramatically shorten the lead time and number of connectivity providers to reach the platform services.

Brendan Ives, CEO of Telia Carrier says: “It’s pretty clear that IoT needs its own backbone. It’s one thing to connect the Internet of Things today, but if you consider we will soon be connecting smart cities and the cars that drive us, things are about to get real. Ericsson is one of the driving forces in IoT with the Networked Society. We are pleased to have been chosen to provide the connectivity it deserves.”

Anders Olin, Vice President Product Area Network Functions with Business Unit Cloud & IP, Ericsson, says: “Our operator customers can now connect directly to our Device Connection Platform with a pre-integrated, scalable & secure backbone solution. The combined offering from Telia Carrier and Ericsson is fully aligned to provide the SLAs demanded by business-critical IoT applications”.