A Digital Eurovision for the European Union

A Digital Eurovision for the European Union the next step for European Public Service Broadcasting without frontiers. Why and how we must increase the availability of public service broadcasting to the widest Pan-European use.
A Digital Eurovision for the European Union

This paper aims to initiate a discussion in Europe about the future of mass media in relation to the possibilities that can be achieved through technological development and policy innovation to stimulate the rise of a Pan-European identity across the European Union. By classifying current affairs reporting (news, current affairs and documentaries) produced by/for public service broadcasters (PSB) to fall within the definition of Open Government Data, European policy makers will unlock access to a wealth of European PSB content for European citizens, journalists and new start-ups to access, interact with, aggregate and disseminate. Such policy innovation not only comes with the already acknowledged economic benefits associated with open data and data-driven innovation; it also helps stimulate the creation of a strong Pan-European identity through increased Pan-European access to national stories, news and identity projections.

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Rene Summer, Director, Government & Industry Relations, LM Ericsson