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Aachen lab brings Ericsson-Cisco partnership to life

Ericsson’s ICT Development Center Eurolab in Aachen, Germany is where our partnership with Cisco comes to life. Take a video tour to see how new end-to-end market solutions are developed.

Aachen lab brings Ericsson-Cisco partnership to life

The Ericsson-Cisco partnership brings together two leaders in IP and mobility. It offers customers the best of both companies, delivering them the benefits of our pre-integrated solutions, global reach and R&D innovation. And that is where Ericsson Eurolab plays a key role.

Martin Baum, Head of Solutions and Engagements Aachen, describes the Aachen facility as “the center of the partnership” between Ericsson and Cisco, where the complementary portfolios are blended together.

It’s that blending of portfolios, tested and verified at Eurolab, that creates a unique advantage.

Martin Ottosson, Head of IP Network Solutions, says: “If customers use our reference architecture, our reference design, then it’s plug and play.”