Ericsson UDN evolves into a platform business

Today, mass-market living room streaming is being held back by the need to buy and connect outboard media boxes and USB sticks. To scale, smart TVs need to be priced for the mass market, with an integrated array of diverse apps and streaming services.

Many of the world’s largest service providers and content providers are already using Ericsson’s UDN to deliver content to their customers around the world.  Now that ecosystem is evolving from a pipeline to a platform by placing providers’ applications and content on millions of connected TVs with the cooperation of leading TV manufacturers.

This new platform – called Boost – is the first UDN-hosted application beyond core content delivery. UDN’s Boost program offers app certification and updates for content providers, as well as optimized media delivery. Later this year, new discovery and customer acquisition features will be added including: cross-marketing and promotions, app placement, deep linking from unified discovery, single sign-on, and integrated billing. Content providers will have the ability to choose their target regions and distribution volume.

Simplicity is the key to massive scale and the UDN Boost program is helping to address the fact that manufacturers of moderately priced smart TVs – and their hundreds of millions of cost-conscious end users – lack a cutting-edge onboard streaming solution. This evolution was highlighted recently in an announcement with QYOU Media, a leading curator of premium ‘best-of-web’ video for multiscreen delivery. Now Ericsson's UDN will feature the QYOU app on smart TVs and set-top boxes, complete with localized content for connected devices in new markets.

Curt Marvis, CEO and Co-Founder of QYOU Media says: “Ericsson’s Boost program is helping us achieve our goal of delivering the best digital-first video programming to our global audience, by reaching millions of connected TVs and hundreds of millions of viewers around the world.  There is a huge untapped opportunity for TV and service providers in delivering content that appeals to digital savvy viewers.”

Ericsson's Boost program with UDN leverages the simplicity of onboard OTT to make living room streaming the main event in hundreds of millions of households. As part of this, Ericsson UDN will now offer BroadwayHD, a theater streaming service that gives viewers access to full-length Broadway musicals.

Bonnie Comley and Stewart F. Lane, co-founders of BroadwayHD say: “BroadwayHD is transforming the way theater is consumed by eliminating barriers of geography and economics. When you can give everyone access to full-length Broadway musicals and plays with multiple high-definition cameras and stream it onto their living room TVs, you are democratizing this elite form of entertainment. Now, thanks to BroadwayHD and Ericsson, everyone can join the Broadway community and celebrate the Broadway experience. We are thrilled for our partnership with Ericsson, which allows the BroadwayHD on-demand line-up of over 200 shows and live stream content to be available through Ericsson’s groundbreaking Boost Program.”

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