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TIM achieves record speed in 5G demo with Ericsson

On December 14, TIM and Ericsson announced they achieved speeds of more than 20 Gbps in a live 5G demonstration held at the Polytechnic University of Turin in Italy.

mmWave PAAM Radio

The demo, conducted on 28 GHz band on millimeter waves, resulted in a download speed of 23.4 Gbps, the fastest connection to date using this technology in an urban context. The demo also illustrated virtual reality in action – with an immersive visit of Piazza Carlo Alberto from the Polytechnic University.

Turin is one of the first cities in Europe to have a new generation mobile network. The 5G demo is an offshoot of the Memorandum of Understanding signed last March between TIM and Turin’s municipal authority to carry out the “Turin 5G” project, which aims to provide gradual coverage of the city with the next-generation mobile network by 2020.

With the partnership in Turin, TIM and Ericsson are strengthening a collaboration that started last year with the “5G for Italy” program. This program is seen giving rise to an open ecosystem in which to create innovative projects and services enabled by the fifth-generation network.

You can read the full announcement from TIM, here.