LG UPlus and Ericsson launch enterprise IoT network using virtual Evolved Packet Core

In a saturated consumer mobile broadband market with the world’s highest level of smartphone penetration, LG UPlus has expanded its business into new, high-revenue enterprise segments using network functions virtualization (NFV). Leveraging its existing LTE network, LG UPlus has used the Ericsson virtual Evolved Packet Core to launch a private, secure network slice for enterprise IoT services.

The solution developed for LG UPlus includes Ericsson virtual Evolved Packet Gateway, Ericsson Cloud Execution Environment, Enterprise Mobility Management and Operations Support System. Deployed as an Evolved Packet Core-in-a-box, it provides optimized total cost of ownership, seamless integration and the ability to quickly launch new services. This solution is in commercial use in the LG Chemical factory, where it meets this large enterprise’s specific IoT connectivity needs. This deployment represents the start of LG UPlus’ efforts to expand its business beyond telecom services.