Ericsson partner to connect healthcare in China by introducing latest NB-IoT technology

Wuxi national Hi-Tech District (WND), China Mobile Group Jiangsu Co. Ltd., Ericsson and AstraZeneca signed a “healthcare IoT strategic MoU” for cooperation in the area of Internet of Things for healthcare.

With Ericsson’s support, AstraZeneca will connect healthcare equipment, by introducing latest NB-IoT technology and to bring end-to-end functional certification and integration. Ericsson will join hands with China Mobile Jiangsu branch trial new applications using latest Cellular IoT technologies such as NB-IoT, as well as provide network terminal management system to support real-time surveillance and equipment management.

Leif Johansson said: “The strategic partnership demonstrates how the government and the industry can work together to create an innovative ecosystem for China’s healthcare industry. We anticipate that AstraZeneca and Ericsson will play more important roles in promoting the development of IoT for healthcare in China.”

Link to local press release