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Five to watch: the dawn of machine intelligence

As part of a series on technology trends which are shaping our industry, we examine how an evolving ecosystem of data and insights is powering the ability for machines to augment human intelligence.
The dawn of machine intelligence

In his recent article, ‘Technology trends 2017’, Ericsson’s CTO, Erik Ekudden, identifies five trends that are that are shaping the future of network platforms.

As we continue our series examining each of those trends, we explore Machine intelligence (MI), which combined with Artificial Intelligence (AI) is ushering in a new era of automation and simplicity. Ekudden predicts that machine intelligence will lead to more intuitive networks and entirely new forms of service engagement, predictive modelling and automated operations.

Ericsson is already a pioneer within intelligent networks with its portfolio of Engineered Intelligence Services. This includes offerings such as Accelerated Network Build, App Experience Optimization and Preemptive Support Services.

In August 2017, Ericsson together with the AT&T Foundry and RocketSpace, released a report on the future of AI in consumer experience, which looked at how AI and automation will affect the way we live our lives. Earlier this year, Ericsson also helped to sponsor a new lab for machine intelligence at the University of California Berkley School of Engineering. 

Going forward, machine intelligence and automation and will lead to new use cases, such as pure cloud-native applications, on-premises data center operations, and distributed deployments across multiple sites - all of which will be beneficial to digital businesses and industries.

Want to delve deeper into the impact of artificial intelligence and machine learning? Read more about it in the paper: Ericsson’s Future Digital Infrastructure.