Popular tech guru interviews Ulf Ewaldsson on “Transmissions from Tomorrow”

When a tech-focused social media influencer with almost one million followers on Twitter describes the head of one of our business units as “legendary … just awesome” then it's worth taking notice. Learn more about their conversation here.

Australian Dez Blanchfield mixes a down to earth, often tongue-in-cheek style, with serious analysis, commentary and opinion. This approach has helped his social media activity and podcasts attract huge engagement.

He regularly interviews senior figures from major tech companies. Recently he has focused on Ericsson, and Digital Services in particular, resulting from a visit to Kista at our invitation.

His social media presence, under the strapline “I am from the future”, forms only part of his CV, which also includes Industry Analyst, Business & Technology Consultant, and Data Scientist, and Investor.

The in-depth interview with Ulf Ewaldsson is the fourth in Blanchfield’s “Transmissions from Tomorrow” series of Ericsson-related podcasts. You can read a summary of their conversation and listen to the full podcast on Ericsson's Future Digital Blog.