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AT&T and Ericsson to build global ecosystem for IoT

To help companies adopt and accelerate Internet of Things (IoT) solutions, AT&T and Ericsson have teamed up to build out new professional services capabilities. Together, these two leading tech companies are advancing the idea that collaboration speeds innovation.

With Ericsson, AT&T offers Global Device Certification. It includes testing, verification and white glove assistance with regulatory approval for IoT devices. This collaboration means AT&T customers can lower their risk and speed timelines for global IoT expansion in more than 150 countries.

“Through our collaboration for global device certification, AT&T and Ericsson are building a global ecosystem for IoT, enabling enterprises to capitalize on the opportunities of the Internet of Things,” said Jeff Travers, Head of IoT, Ericsson. “With these services, enterprises can reduce the risk of launching devices and decrease their time to market as they expand globally.”

Read AT&T’s full announcement.

The Internet of Things represents a great opportunity for operators and enterprises alike. It is becoming a key factor across industries, enabling new types of services and applications, altering business models and creating new marketplaces. Learn more about accelerating IoT.