Swedish cloud platforms paving the way for emergency vehicles

A recently started Swedish research project, AD Aware Traffic Control - Emergency Vehicles, conducted by Volvo Cars, Carmenta, Ericsson, SOS Alarm and RISE, Research Institutes of Sweden is developing a cloud-based traffic control platform that builds on the Drive Sweden Innovation Cloud, and enables smooth and seamless information exchange between coordinators of emergency vehicles and automated vehicles.

Automated vehicles are expected to bring many benefits to the society, including improved safety, reduced congestion, lower emissions, higher productivity, and greater access to mobility. To ensure these benefits, such vehicles need to be able to exchange information with other vehicles in their vicinity.

The research project, AD Aware Traffic Control - Emergency Vehicles, that has previously demonstrated the AD Aware Traffic Control platform is being further developed to include cloud-based services for sharing information between emergency vehicle coordinators and automated vehicles. In addition to weather, visibility and general traffic situation information, it now combines also real-time emergency vehicle and detailed geospatial information from local road networks and their surroundings to create a shared operational picture of the traffic situation.

As part of this, Ericsson’s Connected Urban Transport solution is being used to collects data from various sources and facilitate safe and reliable communication with other clouds.

Read the full announcement here.